SSl Certificate

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Encryption Security

SSL Certificates produce encoding primarily based secure setting between server & consumer.

therefore your users will safely surf your web site while not having troubles like Malware, Virus, etc. even though your web site contains payment gateways or any dealings practicality then SSL certificate is should to guard user's transactions.

Trusted Site

When you install SSL Certificate on your website} your web site becomes additional trustworthy site before of your viewers.

SSL certificate removes 'NOT SECURE' warning from Address bar and gift it as a SECURE web site with the LOCK button icon. that build high trust among all viewers to your web site.

Rank Top on GOOGLE

As per Google's new SEO rule SSL Certificate is should have demand for any web site World Health Organization wish to urge hierarchal on Google programme.

Google or Any programme invariably provides initial priority in their search list with such websites that area unit having AN SSL Certificate as compared to such websites that don't seem to be having SSL Certificates! therefore get SSL Certificate currently & Boost your ranking on Google !


With DMARC you can tell the world how to handle the unauthorized use of your email domains by instituting a policy in your DMARC record.

Why Use DMARC for Email?

Email is involved in more than 90% of all network attacks and without DMARC, it can be hard to tell if an email is real or fake. DMARC allows domain owners to protect their domain(s) from unauthorized use by fighting phishing, spoofing, CEO fraud, and Business Email Compromise.

By always sending DMARC compliant email, the operator of an Internet domain can tell the world “everything I send is easy to identify using DMARC—feel free to drop fake email that pretends to be me.”

DMARC’s utility as an anti-spoofing technology stems from a significant innovation; instead of attempting to filter out malicious email, why not provide operators with a way to easily identify legitimate email? DMARC’s promise is to replace the fundamentally flawed “filter out bad” email security model with a “filter in good” model.

Signing Tool

Phoenix it park designed for National Payments Corporation of India's (NPCI’s) National automatic financial organization (NACH) Project file sign language and verification. it's a sign language and encoding tool which will sign & Verify files in NPCI Supported format. Phoenix it park will sign files victimisation digital signature certificate issued by any Certifying Authority in Asian country. Our software has been used by several nationalized, Co-operative Banks.

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NACH Signing Tool

Common Features of eSignTool Digital Signature Solutions

  • Digitally signs and verify all the files in bulk.
  • Digitally Signature based NPCI Supported algorithms.
  • Support for PKCS/RSA signature.
  • Support for bulk signing and verification.
  • Support for digital certificates issued by the public certifying authorities.
  • Support E-Token based certificate
  • Support Self Sign Certificate
  • HOST to HOST Solutions for Auto Bulk processing**
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PDF Signing Tool

Common features of PDF DigiSignTool

  • Digitally signs and encrypts all the PDF files in bulk.
  • Stamping digital signature on the PDF files.
  • Configurable the placement / size / contents of digital signature in the PDF files.
  • Signs the PDF files in native Adobe format.
  • Support E-Token based certificate
  • Support Self Sign PFX Certificate

Why Do We Need Firewalls?

Firewalls, especially Next Generation Firewalls, focus on blocking malware and application-layer attacks. Along with an integrated intrusion prevention system (IPS), these Next Generation Firewalls are able to react quickly and seamlessly to detect and combat attacks across the whole network. Firewalls can act on previously set policies to better protect your network and can carry out quick assessments to detect invasive or suspicious activity, such as malware, and shut it down. By leveraging a firewall for your security infrastructure, you’re setting up your network with specific policies to allow or block incoming and outgoing traffic.

Key Features Antivirus

Since customers and businesses First started connecting their computers to the web decades past, antivirus software package has been one among the foremost necessary segments of the technical school trade. It’s become thus present in truth, that several folks assume all antivirus software package offers an identical level of protection and options, and that they don’t really pay abundant attention to the merchandise they’re exploitation.

Real-time Scanning

While all antivirus computer code is specifically designed to discover the presence of malware, not all of them discover within the same method.

Automatic Updates

Updates area unit important for all styles of computer code, however this can be very true once it involves antivirus.

Protection for Multiple Apps

Threats exist across the whole spectrum of apps and services that you simply admit for your everyday tasks. From email shoppers to instant traveller platforms and positively net browsers, harmful code will sneak into your system from a spread of various sources.


If the antivirus software system directly detects malicious software system, why wouldn’t it delete the code on the spot? sadly, some solutions merely place the malware during a quarantine zone upon detection, looking ahead to the user to go browsing and manually delete it.

Host to Host NACH Solution

Phoenix IT Park provide h2h automation software solution for To overcome the manual activities and also handle volume there is a need to implement a client solution at bank end with the following proposed functionality.

  • End to End automation
  • Auto split and merge based on the NPCI set limit
  • Auto signing and Unsigning
  • Seamless file transfer

Following are the manual activities done by the bank

  • Signing and Unsigning of files
  • Uploading and Downloading of files from NACH
  • Authorizing each file in NACH
  • Monitoring the ACK files
  • Voucher posting in CBS
  • Reconciliation
  • Split the INP files if it is of huge size
  • Merge the INW files if required